Things that make me horny.

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I don’t know what I would do without nails.
    "I like to be seduced. I like intense dialectics of pursuit and evasion, aggression and coyness. I like boldness. I like intellectual and emotional engagement. I need to feel safe, I need your honesty and respect, and I won’t tolerate being manipulated or mindfucked outside of negotiated boundaries, but within those boundaries, well, strap me onto the rollercoaster and let’s take a ride! Flirt with my expectations. I like the precision mindfuck, the strategic feint. Look into my eyes and make silent, terrible promises. Take the tension up a notch or two or ten with a smoldering, fuck-me stare as we talk about the weather; send the needle on my pressure gauge into the red zone."

    14 September, 2014